Welcome to Student Ministries

General Information

The Student Ministries of First Baptist Church Altus exist to empower parents to disciple their students to glorify God and further His kingdom on earth. We are committed to sharing the gospel, making disciples, cultivating community, and praying for one another. We use the following terms to help us fulfill this mission:

INVITE others to Christ and church. 

WORSHIP together.

LEARN God’s Word.

SERVE the church and the World.

For more information, please leave a message at 580.482.8070



  • July 24-29 (week 8)
  • For all Falls Creek Information, please go to: fbcaltus.org/fc                       

Weekly Schedule

Sunday Morning

Every Sunday we gather for Sunday School where several of our adult leaders teach the Scriptures and their application to students. There are also two opportunities to join our church family for worship in the morning.

Sunday School: 9:40-10:30am

Worship: 8:30am and 10:50am

Sunday Nights

The Student Ministries will be meeting at the Youth House from 6:00-7:00pm for  Bible Study.  Students can hang-out after service at the Youth House until 8:30pm on Sunday nights. 

Sunday Night Topic   [New City Catechism]

Students be learning what they believe about God, Creation, the Fall, and the Law.  Lots of good discussion happens on Sunday Night. The app is available for free to reinforce what is learned.

Wednesday Nights

Student Worship is simply a time for students to gather each week to worship with each other and hear teaching from the Bible and discuss the lesson in adult-led small groups. We have the Youth House open after worship until 8:30.

Student Worship: 6-7:30pm

Hang Time: 7:30-8:30pm


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Wednesday Nights on 3rd Floor

This spring on Wednesday nights, we are thrilled to finally have our new Student Ministries Pastor, Garrett Biliske teach our lessons. We will continue to meet in smaller groups; however, we have divided the junior high from the high school for the spring semester.  

These groups are designed for us to get to know a smaller group of students well and for students to have 1-2 caring adults that consistently pray for and check on them throughout the school year. 

This year's small group leaders are:


  • Jed Winters and Matt Worst (high school)
  • Chase Castillo and Ethan Altom (high school)
  • Carson Mardis and Scott Beasley (junior high)
  • Dan Webb and Frank Juarez (junior high)


  • Staci Cope and Dana Juarez (high school)
  • Debra Webb and Amy Weaver (high school)
  • Star Sims and Amy Biliske (junior school)
  • Angie Marple and Emma Beasley (junior school)