Service Times: 8:30am, 10:50am, 6:00pm

MOPS - Mothers of Preschoolers

MOPS 2017-2018 Flyer/Meeting Schedule


What is MOPS

What is MOPS…

If you’ve never heard of MOPS or attended a meeting before, you’re in for a real treat. Imagine, two glorious hours of talking with adults only, and moms in the same stage of life as you nonetheless! It’s a much needed break every month from the daily demands of being a mom and running a household. If you’ve ever stopped to think about it, most days in this season of our lives are filled with doing, going, and being everything for someone else. And while our children are (most of the time) sweet and precious little gifts from God, they are also human beings with needs, wants, feelings and desires, and more often than not they’re incapable of fulfilling any of these things on their own. Being a mom is great. It’s rewarding, life-giving and the highest honor. But let’s face it, it’s also hard, demanding, exhausting, and sometimes makes us feel like we’ve lost our own identities. This year at MOPS our theme is “We Are the Starry Eyed." Our topics focus on re-connecting with God’s creation and our child-like sense of Wonder, exploring where our Hope comes from and never letting go, and participating in random acts of Kindness that move us out of our comfort zone. Each meeting will give us the opportunity to laugh and share all kinds of mothering moments with other women who get it, our friends and fellow moms. We know it's not an easy task navigating this unique season, and sometimes there are more questions than answers, but we are so excited to journey alongside you this year as we discover how to not just survive motherhood, but to live into a greater calling. Because together, We Are the Starry Eyed.

What’s a MOPS meeting like? Our monthly meeting starts with a light breakfast for the moms and an icebreaker so we can catch up with friends or meet new ones. During our time together we’ll do an easy craft or service project and then hear from different speakers, live and via video, on different topics, all geared towards things moms of preschoolers want to know. Finally, we have group discussion time where we can ask questions and talk with other moms about how to implement what we've learned.

What will my children be doing? In MOPPETS your children will enjoy singing, dancing & learning concepts like sharing, truthfulness, and obeying and interacting with other children their age in a safe, clean, and loving environment. MOPPETS is available for children birth through 5 years old. Please make every effort to have your child stay MOPPETS during the meeting so every mom can enjoy the time of teaching and learning.

Moms with Infants If you feel more comfortable with your infant by your side in the meeting, that’s fine by us!

What type of support does MOPS offer? Our main goal at MOPS is to encourage women to connect with one another and to equip them to be leaders in their homes and community. We also believe in praying for one another. We keep this information confidential and will be praying for you throughout the month.

Feeling inspired? Join our team! We’re always welcoming new members to our group. Our leadership team is excited and ready to welcome you!

First Baptist Church of Altus "MOPS"
300 N Main Street
Room 204

We meet every 1st Wednesday morning of the month. Free child care is available.

Registration for 2016-2017 MOP year is now open!

If you or any other mom you know would like to join our group, please call Emily Winters at 580-656-2575.